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Ray Ban Sunglasses have remained at the height for fashion for decades and there is little sign of their popularity waning. If you are a serious follower of 'la mode' you may be familiar with the story of the ubiquitous brand of shades. However if you are not well versed on the Ray Ban sunglasses story you should read on...

Ray Ban sunglasses came into existence in 1937 when the brand was founded by optician supplies and spectacle manufacturing firm Bausch & Lomb (which had been established in 1853 by two German immigrants and had gone from strength to strength). The first model of Ray Ban sunglasses was designed at the request of a US pilot who had complained of the sun damaging his eyes while he was flying. This design was originally called the Anti-Glare but was soon renamed the Aviator due to its popularity and suitability to pilots. It consisted of a distinctive design where the lenses were two or three times the design of the eye socket because they needed to block the entire range of the eye from the sun. The first Ray Ban sunglasses were consequently worn by pilots in the US air force although it was only a year before the company began to sell them to members of the public.

Wayfarers were another groundbreaking type of Ray Ban sunglasses, having marked a brave departure from metal-framed glasses in favour of plastic frames. They were another innovation which struck a chord with the American public and kept the company at the top end of the market. They were originally released in 50s and remained popular for the next 20 years before the 70s brought a slump in sales. However the 80s brought a renaissance which has endured and today they remain an extremely well-liked type of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Where can I get authentic Ray Ban sunglasses from?

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