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Prescription Sunglasses: Yay or Nay?

Many eyeglass wearers are vying for prescription sunglasses. The question is, are they a good idea?If you find yourself driving down the road with the sun shining in your eyes and you are searching for your clip-on or magnetically attached sunglass attachments, you may think prescription sunglasses are worth the investment. They are much more convenient and comfortable to wear.The same hold true for contact lens wearers. They too, may find wearing prescription sunglasses is a far more practical alternative outdoors. Wearing contact lenses on the beach may make your eyes itchy and watery, because of the sand, sun, and wind. Prescription sunglasses take the worry out of wearing contacts to the beach or when you are playing in the sun. Wearing non-prescription sunglasses over your contacts still does not prevent the itchy and watery eyes. Also, it's a bad idea to wear contact lenses while swimming. The lenses can become lost, or even worse, cause serious eye infections due to micro-organisms in the water...


What to Wear with Your Name-Brand Sunglasses

Brand name sunglasses such as Gucci, RayBan, Dragon, Maui Jim, Oakley and others are the premier choice for the best in designer sunglasses. World renowned and worn by some of the most elite jet setters who enjoy making a fashion statement without ever saying a word, the right name brand can put you in a style class that is truly impeccable.When one sees a brand name, they immediately recognize certain things about the brand they are about to purchase. Brand names are important to people for a variety of reasons, among them a reputation for quality or simply because it provides them with a particular social status.Sunglasses are no different than the brand name of a car, whine, clothing, or anything else. The brand name that you wear over your eyes speaks to your personality.Matching up your favorite outfit with a pair of brand name sunglasses is a great way to accessorize your look and make a stamp on your presence no matter where you are heading off to.Plastic SunglassesPlastic name-brand sunglasses look gr...


Ray ban Sunglasses

Fashion stories: Ray Ban SunglassesRay Ban Sunglasses have remained at the height for fashion for decades and there is little sign of their popularity waning. If you are a serious follower of 'la mode' you may be familiar with the story of the ubiquitous brand of shades. However if you are not well versed on the Ray Ban sunglasses story you should read on...Ray Ban sunglasses came into existence in 1937 when the brand was founded by optician supplies and spectacle manufacturing firm Bausch & Lomb (which had been established in 1853 by two German immigrants and had gone from strength to strength). The first model of Ray Ban sunglasses was designed at the request of a US pilot who had complained of the sun damaging his eyes while he was flying. This design was originally called the Anti-Glare but was soon renamed the Aviator due to its popularity and suitability to pilots. It consisted of a distinctive design where the lenses were two or three times the design of the eye socket because they needed to block ...


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