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Tints and Shading Options For Eyeglasses

If you currently wear or need to start wearing corrective lenses, there are many different factors you must consider when choosing the perfect pair. One of the factors you'll want to think about is available tints and shading options for your new glasses. Not only can tints change the look of your prescription glasses, but they can also have an effect on the optical properties of your lenses.There are eyeglass tints that permeate the actual lens material, and others that are merely absorbed into the surface of the lens. Other tints are applied to the eyeglass lens as a coating material, while yet others serve as a type of laminate to the surface of the lens. The type of tint or shading that will be best for you depends on your particular vision needs and the type of material that your lenses are made from. Below is an overview of different types of tints currently available for corrective eyeglass lenses.Fashion TintsThere is a huge variety of colors or shades that prescription glasses can be tinted in, so lo...


Protect Your Eyes and Look Chic!

We are very sure every woman in the hall would agree - for us, looking good is always on the priority list. On the same note, sunglasses are no longer considered to be just the fashion accessories; rather it is an interpretation of your personal style. Apart from just making your stylish look complete, sunglasses do offer essential protection to your eyes from various threats, such as UV rays, dust, and debris. We would ask us to put in appropriate time and effort for selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses - after all it protects you and describes who you are. Here, we at ShopClues would like to help you in choosing the best sunglasses within available options of colours, styles and shapes that suits your personality the best.Aviator sunglasses - Created way back in 1936, aviator sunglasses are the most popular and classy form of sunglasses among men & women of all ages. Made in a range of color glasses with sleek frames, Aviators look great on everyone, regardless of your facial shape and complexion. A...


How to Find Sunglasses Appropriate for Your Facial Shape

When picking the best sunglasses, knowing your face shape and using that knowledge will make you look your best. There are seven different types of face shapes: square, oval, oblong, round, diamond, heart, and triangle. Descriptions of each face shape will be provided below, but one of the best ways is to simply use lipstick or a marker to outline your face shape on the mirror. Then, pick which shape it most represents. Once you know your face shape, find it below and use the tips to pick a pair that will look good on you. A person with a square face has angular features and a square jaw. The length and width of a square face is proportional. The best types of sunglasses for this face type are round or oval frames, or even butterfly shaped frames. The worst styles are square shaped frames, which make the face look more angular, and glasses that have color accents on the bottom of the frame, which draw more attention to the square chin.Someone with an oval shaped face also has very proportional characteristics...


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